A card collection snippet.

This website features 8 of my favourite and important card decks in my collection.
they have been collected over 5 years and remind of old friends and memories.

Jane Street Playing cards

Jane street is not a playing card company, and is trading firm. This deck is special to me because one of
my best friends gave me this deck from an event sponsored by Jane Street.

This deck has a cool Joker card, and features a holographic pattern on the deck holder.

Bicycle 130th anniversy deck

This deck is important to me because it is the first deck of cards I bought when I started my collection.

The card back has an olden style, with an old bicycle picture, and creamier white compared to other cards.

Bicycle dragon card back

This card design features the red version of the dragon, there are also gold and blue versions of this deck.

It features a red,green and gold joker card, and a cool card back that features four dragons.

Bicycle pro poker peek cards

This deck is important to me because it is the deck that my high school friends bought for me. This card
deck was used at lunch times to play card games and also poker nights.

It features large numbers on the side of cards, and simple red and white card back.

Bicycle limited french series 2

This deck is important to me because I got this for my birthday from a friend before we left for different
universities. It features french writing on the card holder, and a unique joker.

Fire elements series

This deck is special to me because it is the first deck I bought at university. It features a devilish creature
on the joker card, and a fiery card back. The ace card also features a red pattern and the card holder is a simple
black and red design.

Steampunk deck

This deck has a very cool card holder, featuring a shiny material that looks like metal. The card back
features a pattern with different cogs, the ace and joker card also features mechanical designs.

Archangel deck

This deck is important to me because it is my current favourite deck in my collection. The card holder features
intricate black lining, with also Gold shiny material on it, giving it a sleek design.

The reason why it is my favourite deck is because of the amazing black and white card back, and the unique Joker.